The art of the genius architect Santini is celebrated by a postal sheet and a silver coin

The Czech National Bank is issuing a commemorative silver coin to mark the 300th anniversary of the death of architect Jan Blazej Santini-Aichel. The sheet dedicated to the famous architect, whose seminal work is firmly linked to the Czech lands, was previously issued by the Czech Post.

Tribute to designer Ladislav Sutnar on a postage stamp

Ladislav Sutnar was a designer, typographer and avant-garde artist who is still one of the leading European artists in the field of applied graphics.

The most expensive Czech woman painter Toyen on a postage stamp

The Czech Post is paying tribute to a prominent figure of the Czech avant-garde and the most expensive Czech woman painter on postage stamps.

The price of the Czech banknote worth 8 Eur (CZK 200) went up to 22 000 Eur at auction

The most expensive item auctioned in the online auction of banknotes circulating in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia from 1762 to the present day was the so-called Vienna banknote of 500 guilders from 1806. It sold for 55 200 Eur.

Three super-sports cars MTX Tatra V8 and an exhibition of drawings of historic Tatra cars in one city

The MTX Supertatra car was designed in the early 1990s by the automotive designer Václav Král and all the pieces produced are meeting in one place for the first time ever. An exhibition of drawings by the long-time director of the Tatra Museum will take visitors through the history of the Tatra car factory.

The Sberatel Fair Prague was the largest in its existence this year

A record number of exhibitors and a full hall of visitors on both days – that was the autumn Sberatel fair. Collectors will have another opportunity to meet each other at the Christmas Sberatel, which will take place from 24 to 25 November at the Olympik Hotel in Prague.

Czech classic of nude photography for the first time on a postage stamp

The Czech Post has recently issued a new postage stamp with a photograph of the famous Czech photographer František Drtikol. The famous photographer and graphic designer is considered one of the most successful Czech classics of nude photography.

Sberatel Fair expects record attendance this year, more exhibitors and visitors are coming to Prague

The largest gathering of collectors in Central and Eastern Europe will be even bigger this year. 20% more exhibitors will come than in previous years, and the organisers also expect more visitors. The Czech Lion investment coin with hologram will make its debut at the fair, the world’s longest postage stamp will be on sale and the famous Citroën 2CV “gendarme duck” will also arrive. It will celebrate its 75th birthday at the fair.

The Sberatel Fair will host dozens of numismatic companies in Prague

The Vatican will offer collectors the opportunity to start collecting the new issue of the “Jubilee Cross” exclusively at the fair, while the Czech Mint will start selling its new investment coin before it is available in shops. Several dozen numismatic companies from all over the world, many of them for the first time, are coming to Prague for the fair, which takes place from 8 to 9 September.

Where can you see all the James Bond stamps in one place? Only at this year’s Sberatel fair in Prague!

Original stamps from all over the world with the theme of films starring Agent 007 will be available for a detailed look at the visitors of the autumn fair Sberatel, which will take place from 8 to 9 September at the PVA Expo Prague in the Czech Republic. The “James Bond on Postage Stamps” exhibition will be publicly presented for the first time ever.

Legendary Tatra 603 on an official silver coin

A coin depicting the legendary Czechoslovak car Tatra 603 was issued by the Czech National Bank (CNB). The original detail on the commemorative silver coin is an inset element in the colour of the black paint of the car’s body.

It is the second oldest in Europe. Czech Radio celebrates with a stamp and a silver coin

A new postage stamp and a commemorative coin issued by the Czech National Bank commemorate the centenary of Czech Radio (Český rozhlas), the second oldest radio broadcaster in Europe.





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